Zarko Perfume MOLéCULE N°8 Farewell Control

15.900 kr

MOLéCULE No8 was born in a moment of clarity on an autumn beach, and developed over 14 months of refusing to ask what, why or how.

The mission was simple: To capture the essence of human innocence and beauty in a fragrance, whatever it took to get there. There was no roadmap. There were no rules. It was uncharted territory.

MOLéCULE No8 contains ingredients, of course, but what it’s really made from is the transformative power of a 5 o’clock sunrise and hearing a child say “I love you.”

TOPNOTES :: Mandarin Organic Oil - and molecules
HEART NOTES :: Turkish Rose Absolute - and molecules
BASENOTES :: West Indian Organic Patchouli Oil – Black Agerwood – and molecules

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