Ministry of tea - Berry Bliss

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Hér er á ferð dásamleg berjablanda beint í bollann! Frískandi, bragðmikið og sætt berjate. 

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Innihald: Ingredients: Organic Hibiscus, Organic Chicory, Organic Strawberry Leaves, Organic Blackberry Leaves, Organic Acai Powder, Natural Strawberry Flavours, Natural Blueberry Flavours

Um Ministry of tea:

Driven by the noble quest to create the perfect cup of tea, the Tea Meisters at the Ministry began brewing magic leaves and herbal concoctions for their own pleasure and delight. Fast forward a few years, many thousands of miles travelled and a veritable sea of tea tasted from old Bombay to Mandalay and, voila, the
Ministry of Tea was born. 

With an array of flavours from the (not so) every day English Breakfast to the extra-ordinary Ayurvedic blends, the Ministry now bring their passion for tea to you. Breathe in the fresh air of the Himalayas with 'Sky High Tibetan Chai', experience the vibrant tastes of India with 'Bombay Masala Chai' or get fresh with 'Moroccan Mint'. Whether you'd like a restful night with 'The Big Sleep' or to get fruity with our 'Berry Bliss Infusion', the Ministry has something delicious brewing just for you.


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